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About Us

MBH Architects was established in 1998 and operates internationally with clients from the USA, Europe and Africa and with offices on each of these continents.

We are global specialists in the design of HEALTHCARE buildings such as Acute Hospitals, Day Hospitals, Mental Wellness Hospitals and Primary Healthcare Clinics and other related AMBULATORY services such as Radiology, Trauma, Pharmaceutical, Oncological etc.

Although we specialize in HEALTHCARE architecture, we also have vast expertise in other building typologies such as INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, MIXED-USE and RESIDENTIAL architecture.

We have our own in-house INTERIOR DESIGN and INDUSTRIAL DESIGN divisions and these services are usually offered as part of our architectural design services.

Having been members of the Washington based CNU (Council for a New Urbanism) since 2007, we also have experience in URBAN DESIGN and we strongly advocate a MIXED-USE walkable and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) approach.

Poland +48 533 942 111 | South Africa +27 66 306 8548

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